Returning to West Palm after Dorian

September 6, 2019

I believe in God, and life, liberty and the the pursuit of happiness, comfort and joy.

Comfort and joy are notions that I have found most people only think about at Christmas time, but for me, they take up quite a bit of consideration every day.

When I speak of comfort for myself, I define it as the absence of physical and emotional pain.

Joy is what I feel knowing I am loved by God, no matter what.

Sailing can be uncomfortable, but today was just the opposite.  We motor-sailed at an average of over 8 knots (fast for a sailboat) for 68 nm from 7a to 330p and the breezes were just enough to remove the pain of the humidity and heat.


Flip installed a beach towel for me so that I would be totally out of the sun, which I can barely tolerate.  For eight and one half hours, I was more than comfortable just ‘being’.  Thank you, Flip. And God

Miami - towel

I was so comfortable at one point during the sail, I ventured forward – to the bow – laid down on my back, with my camera around my neck and looked up to the sky and pushed the button:


With my iphone, I tried to take a panoramic photo of Miami as we were comfortably sailing past.  Other that it looking like what the ocean would look like in 20′ waves, I think it turned out pretty good:





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