Thursday, September 5, 2019

7am in Marathon arrived just in time for me.  Restlessness prevented the peace I thought I deserved.  Yet, the day was still too new for any bitterness or regret.

We intended to have a beautiful day of sailing to our anchorage in Biscayne Bay.  I charted our course of approximately 88 nautical miles and with an expected wind coming from WSW of 12 – 15 knots, I calculated we could make the trip in about 10 hours.

According to NOAA:

  1.  A nautical mile measures distance.
    It is slightly more than a statute (land measured) mile (1 nautical mile = 1.1508 statute miles ). Nautical miles are used for charting and navigating.
  2. A knot measures speed and is one nautical mile per hour (1 knot = 1.15 miles per hour ).

When people say they are sailing or cruising, there is a lot of room for speculation of just exactly what they are intending to do.

And just because they intend on doing what they think they are going to do, doesn’t mean they will.

It may be wrong for me to assume that other sailors and cruisers are like us, though.

Sailboats have one motor and it is not very big.  Our 48’ 36,000 lb vessel has a 88 hp Yanmar diesel. These are the motors that average-sized farm tractors use. A mid-size pleasure power boat of about 34’ would most likely have at least 3 motors, with a combined hp of up to 750 hp and a top speed of 65-70 mph.

Our top speed using only our motor is maybe 7.5 knots. But there is not a lot of difference in speed versus using sail power. It’s just quieter and more pleasant.

With a decent wind coming from the right direction, we have gotten up to over 10 knots using only the sails.

Many of our friends and family think we sail or go sailing. We were looking forward to a beautiful day of sailing, cool breezes, blue-green waters and calm serenity, something like a dream-like state, which is the definition of the word Reverie. The name of our boat.

Today, for twelve hours straight, because the wind was non-existent, we motored. For twelve hours straight.


The windless conditions made our course hot, boring and not at all what we intended.  Sometimes, we will hoist the sails to see if will benefit our speed. And to make our boat look prettier.


This sort of occurrence comes to us as no surprise. This is the nature of sailing.

We arrived at our destination 3 hours past our expectations. The anchorage, however, exceeded our expectations.


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