September 4, 2019

Time sure flies.  It has been 4 nights since my last post.  What have we done with our appointed time?

Today, and yesterday, as well  – I worked (remotely for my job at the software company) from 730a – 430p, in our air conditioned salon, while Flip repaired a leak on the boat determined to be from the hardware that helps hold down our mast. Apparently, one or two of the screws were leaking water into my dry beach towel cabinet, so Flip caulked it to death with something he calls 4100.  Trimming the excess caulk will fall onto my plate once I have time. It is our habit for me to take on tasks that I am capable and let Flip handle everything else, especially those that I just don’t want to do.

Karen working RemoteShrowd Base plate








Food preparation falls on Flip, as well, when I am working.  Truth be told, he does most of that anyway.  He prepared our breakfast, snack, lunch, happy hour, and dinner.  We rarely go out to eat because we enjoy Flip’s cooking so much. This photo shows how delicious our dinner was. I never used to clean my plate. Plates courtesy of my mother, Frances Granback.


And in between food and drink, Flip made ready for our exit from paradise:


Marathon, like most small towns, changes very little over time, and especially since we left 13 months ago, but I tried to capture a few images for old time’s sake:






We have planned to leave Marathon Marina in the morning before 7a to head back to Riviera Beach City Marina.

Stay tuned for more…







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