Sailing Around the World

No, not me and Flip. A man named Webb Chiles. Six times. Almost – he has one last leg to go in order to finish his 6th circumnavigation. At 75 years old, he still looks great and is very fit and agile.

I was lucky to meet Webb last week when he came by my work to ask if he could dock here for a couple of weeks – in his 24′ ultra-light sailboat.  At that time, I did not realize who I was talking to. Nor did I realize that this man had sailed west around the world – from New Zealand to Darwin, Australia to Durban, S. Africa then south around Africa to St. Helena and through the Caribbean to Marathon – alone in his 24′ sailboat. 

He has written many books on sailing, contributed many articles to sail magazines and maintains a website of his travels. With all of the nautical miles behind him, he has been a solitary soul for more time than he has spent with and around friends and family.  Yet, he is very friendly and sociable. We had him over for drinks the other evening and he asked us just as many questions about our life as we did about his.   

He will be here another week, then will take about a 4 month leave of absence from solo sailing to spend some time with his wife, before attempting to sail from Marathon through the Panama Canal to finish his sixth circumnavigation.

For more on this amazing man, visit his website at

August 21, 2017

Flip and I are still in Marathon, Florida – the middle of the Keys.

It has been a while since either of us posted.  Do I need to say it is becoming rather boring here?  Regardless, we still have our full-time jobs that we are committed to for at least 6 more months. After that, who knows?  

I also wanted to inform everyone that our new webpage is now


It used to be .com, but we just purchased .net. 

I feel like apologizing for such a boring life.  But we are still young – there WILL be more, and better, things to come.   ~ Karen