Friday, August 26, 2016

Last night, while I was drinking wine which I had chilled with ice, I took this picture:more drops

Then it rained really hard and the sun came out in a funny way, and I took this picture:


And because it was so beautiful out, I took another:

Before the Hurrican


These photos were taken this morning when I should have been getting ready for work:



That’s all for this post.


Sunday, August 14, 2016

Another day, another moon…


Another water reflection…


Here is a small portion of a picture of all of the moons I have photographed…


On another topic, we went sailing yesterday in beautiful, sunny weather.  Within 2 hours, we were experiencing 30 knots of wind and driving rain.  I actually got cold in the middle of summer in the Florida keys.




I secured my phone into the pocket of my rain gear, after taking the above picture.    When we got back to the dock, safely, I might add, I checked the photos I had taken.  The following is one that I DID NOT take, but was in my album…


My rain jacket is bright yellow.  The pockets are made of a white mesh.  The phone must have photographed the inside of my pocket.

There are no mountains in Marathon.