Sunday, January 17, 2016

coconut2Someone gave Flip a couple of coconuts.  We couldn’t figure out any other way to extract the liquid inside.  We ended up with about 14 oz of coconut water. Or is coconut milk??

newmansWe had a wonderful December.  Flip and I spent Christmas in Naples with Elaine and Allyn and Lauren and Eric and, of course, Dash and Sam.  After Christmas, Lauren and her family spent 4 days with us at the boat.  We went sailing, to the beach, to Key West and had a great time.  This picture was from Key West.

moon jan16This was the moon that we saw Thursday night.  I don’t think we’ve ever seen it in this position.


This is the remnants of a shipwreck that we can see from where we live.  The birds love sunning here.  When I got too close, they ‘flew the coop’ and scattered into the open waters of the ocean.


Our friends loaned us their kayaks.  I had never kayaked before now.  It is now my new favorite thing to do.

Here are some more photos taken from my tipsy bouncy kayak:

what the heckpathhiding






Actually, I took this  photo of frigate birds from the sailboat today in 30-40 mph winds.  Not a good photo, but it proves I saw them!